Total Fire Protection Leads with Fire Extinguisher Safety at NYC E-Prix 2019

The 2019 New York City E-Prix, which was held in Brooklyn on July 13 – 14, showcased some of the industry’s most powerful technology. As an open-wheel formula auto-racing series that uses electric cars, it’s an amazing event where fans can meet the drivers, learn more about the industry, and ultimately experience the rush of 0-60 in 3 seconds, with racers reaching 150 miles per hour. It’s an exhilarating experience and Total Fire Protection was proud to be part of it.

As fire and life safety specialists, our goal is to ensure that code-compliant fire prevention measures are in place to keep everyone safe.

Total Fire Protection Leads with Fire Extinguisher Safety at NYC E-Prix 2019We were honored to be selected for our expertise to implement fire and life safety equipment throughout the event – particularly at the Allianz E-Village, where Formula E’s dedicated fans enjoyed good food, explored the latest technology in Formula E simulators, and enjoyed the best entertainment the event had to offer.

For this big event, which attracted multiple thousands in the areas along the windy 1.4-mile track, Total Fire Protection supplied and inspected 12 pallets of portable fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers were strategically placed, notably in the food prep areas, ensuring they were all operational and ready to be used in the event of a fire. To adhere to a certain timeframe and obtain the necessary permits from the city for the event, we had to coordinate schedules with fire officials for the inspection to take place.

As the first line of defense against a fire, portable fire extinguishers need to be compliant with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulations. Our expert team of fire prevention specialists ensured each one was fully inspected, charged, tested, and readily accessible.

Not only were we able to provide the necessary portable fire extinguishers and inspections for event safety, we’re also proud to have had the opportunity to contribute to Formula E’s mission of creating a “sustainable legacy for future generations.”

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