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What NYC Building Managers Need to Know About Executive Order 12

After a fire in a Bronx apartment building on January 9th, 2022, NYC Mayor Eric Adams took action. Adams instituted Executive Order 12 effective immediately, which ramps up fire safety enforcement and outreach for every building throughout New York City.

The Mayor ordered that HPD (Housing Preservation & Development) and the FDNY must enhance the inspection and enforcement of existing fire safety laws. The executive order states they will do so through five fire safety directives. Keep reading to find out what building managers need to know about Executive Order 12’s five fire safety directives.


While inspecting dwellings for housing maintenance code violations, HPD will now check for compliance with the posting requirements imposed by 3 RCNY § 401-06. 3 RCNY § 401-06 requires building owners to:

a. prepare and distribute a fire and emergency preparedness guide, an annual fire and emergency preparedness bulletin, and an emergency preparedness/evacuation planning checklist to building residents and staff

b. prepare, post, and maintain fire and emergency preparedness notices, including “close the door notices”

c. building owners must also periodically monitor and enforce compliance with the above 3 RCNY § 401-06 requirements (a & b) by requesting and obtaining residential certifications and/or conducting inspections

If any potential violations of the above 3 RCNY § 401-06 requirements (a, b, & c) are found, HPD will inform the owner of the building and the FDNY.

HPD will also grant the FDNY full access to the records of all fire safety violations they have issued since January 1, 2021. Using that information, the FDNY will conduct enhanced inspections of all buildings with a large number of violations.


    The FDNY will also increase enforcement of 3 RCNY § 401-06 by conducting enhanced inspections of the following signage:

    a. Signage that must be posted in common areas of buildings, including the fire safety notice and Part I of the fire and emergency preparedness guide (the building information section)

    b. Close the door notices


    HPD, the FDNY, and other City agencies will expand public outreach to encourage City residents and building owners to adopt fire safety measures. This outreach will include:

    a. Education on proper fire safety practices and requirements, including the installation and use of smoke detectors, self-closing doors, and stove knob covers

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    b. Distributing fire safety literature and other resources, including the NYC Apartment Building Emergency Preparedness Guide and the Close the Door Notice

    c. Information and resources that enable residents to determine whether their building is fireproof. They will also provide guidance on when tenants should remain in their dwelling during a fire in a fire-proof building;

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      d. Information for building owners on their legal obligations to fire safety and preparedness requirements

      e. Guidance for residents on how to report non-compliance with building owner safety requirements


      The FDNY will work with the Department of Education to increase school fire safety outreach. This outreach will educate teachers, staff, and students about appropriate fire safety measures and evacuation procedures.


      The FDNY and HPD will regularly discuss whether there are additional steps they can take to coordinate and enhance the inspection, auditing, and enforcement of fire safety laws and rules.  And they will reach out to other agencies, as necessary, for assistance. This means the enforcement measures in Executive Order 12 may evolve and expand in the coming months and years.

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