When Do Your Commercial Fire Sprinkler Heads Need to Be Replaced?

a sprinklerYour business’s fire suppression system is something that you hope to never need but must have. The efficiency with which it extinguishes can be the difference between an isolated incident and a major fire resulting in property loss and personal injury. Below, we’re going to discuss when the sprinkler heads on your fire suppression system need to be replaced to maintain safety on your property.

What Are Fire Sprinkler Heads?

Fire sprinkler heads are the pieces of your fire suppression system that detect heat or smoke from a fire and begin spreading water over the affected area to help suppress the flames. They are integral to your system, and malfunctioning sprinkler heads can cause a fire to spread more rapidly, putting employees and property at greater risk.

Why Do They Need to Be Replaced?

Fire sprinkler heads don’t last forever. Normal wear, small-scale malfunctions, and even the collection of dust or spider webs on the heads can cause them to fail. Replacing your commercial sprinkler heads will help ensure that they work properly if you do have a fire in your building.

When Do They Need to Be Replaced?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires that fire sprinkler heads be inspected annually by a professional, and they recommend you carry out quarterly inspections yourself. Sprinkler heads need to be replaced if they are found to be damaged, leaking, or defective in any way during routine testing.

Old sprinkler heads also require replacement. The NFPA requires the replacement of any sprinkler heads manufactured before 1920.

Lastly, sprinkler heads must be replaced if they have been painted by someone other than the manufacturer.

Why You Shouldn’t Replace Them Yourself

Replacing fire sprinkler heads yourself can be very dangerous. If you damage the sprinkler head during installation, install the incorrect type, or install it improperly, you may be subject to fines. More importantly, you may cause the sprinkler not to function as intended in the case of a fire, which puts you, your employees, and your entire property at greater risk.

Maintaining commercial fire sprinkler systems is best left to the professionals, and installation needs to be done correctly to keep your business safe in the event of a fire. Contact one of our fire and life safety specialists today if you’re looking to replace sprinkler heads, install a new system, or have your current system professionally inspected.