Why Re-Filing Your Kitchen Suppression System for ANY Addition Is So Important

If you own a commercial building with a kitchen, you likely have a kitchen suppression system. The kitchen fire suppression system helps to contain fires should they start in this part of the building. If you add any cooking appliances to your kitchen or make other additions, it’s imperative to re-file your kitchen suppression system information with the proper local entities. This is important for a few different reasons.

Reasons to Re-file Your Kitchen Suppression System

You probably already filed the information with the local agencies if you have a kitchen suppression system. However, if you add anything to your systems, such as an additional cooking space or another permanent kitchen item, you should re-file this information so it is up to date and includes all the correct information. Here’s why you need to re-file your kitchen suppression system:

  • Stay Compliant with Local Laws
    Depending on your location, local laws often dictate that specific filing requirements are necessary to comply with the regulations. If you don’t stay in compliance with these laws, you could be fined or endure other types of penalties. Therefore, it’s essential to re-file your documents should you add any additions to your kitchen.
  • Protect Lives
    When you have a new addition to your kitchen, you want to make sure you put this information in the documents. When you add something new to the kitchen, you must ensure the kitchen suppression system can withstand the elements and will do the best job possible. And you also must inform local fire entities that these items are in place and that new additions have occurred since the prior filing.
  • Help First Responders
    Also, when you re-file after kitchen additions, first responders know exactly what to expect should a fire occur at your premises. This information helps first responders know what to expect with your building, and kitchen suppression system should a fire occur. Fire suppression systems not only help save lives in your building but also help keep first responders safe who respond to emergencies at your premises.

Stay in compliance with local laws and keep people safe in the event of a fire. Always make sure to re-file your kitchen suppression system after any additions.

Total Fire Protection can help ensure your kitchen suppression system complies!