Why You Need Marine Fire & Life Safety Services for Your Commercial Fleet

a shipA fire onboard one of your vessels is a disaster everyone wants to avoid. This is why you have all of the necessary fire and life safety equipment on board to put out the fire and help those who have been injured. But, how do you inspect that equipment and ensure it’s working and up to date?

Below, we’ll discuss why you need expert marine fire and life safety services for your commercial fleet and how easy it is to get complete coverage.

Protects Passengers

If a fire breaks out on one of your vessels and the fire suppression system has not been inspected recently, there is a much higher chance that it will not do its job when you need it. The same is true for your gallery fire suppression systems and fire extinguishers. With no way to put out the blaze, your passengers will be at a much higher risk of injury. Additionally, if a passenger is injured on your vessel and your first aid and emergency response kits have expired equipment in them, those that are injured may not get the care they need. And if no one on board has had AED or CPR training, it will take much longer for them to receive treatment as they will have to wait for EMTs to arrive. Having all of the fire and life safety equipment on your ships inspected and updated per all federal and local fire codes is the only sure-fire way to ensure your passengers are protected on one of your vessels.

Protects Property

In the event of an emergency, the safety of everyone on board is of the utmost importance. However, protecting your vessel and all of the expensive equipment aboard is also a factor that should not be overlooked. But, it’s nearly impossible to protect this equipment if your fire safety systems do not kick in when they’re designed to do so. Even small fires can cause irreparable damage to your ships that will render them unusable. The safest course of action is to have all of the fire safety systems aboard all of the vessels in your commercial fleet inspected, so they can stay on the water rather than in the shop or sold for spare parts.

Prevents Fines

You likely have many different shapes and sizes of vessels in your fleet. Each ship has unique requirements for when and how you need to maintain the fire and life safety equipment on board, and these requirements change nearly every year. Without a trusted marine fire and life safety partner, the only way to stay on top of these requirements is to continue to monitor federal and local webpages for the latest updates and compile all of that information in a document you can reference. If you fail to do this, your vessels will fall out of compliance, and it is only a matter of time before you receive a violation and possibly a fine. Thankfully, marine fire and life safety providers, like TFP, have already compiled this information and can keep all of your vessels in continuous compliance by notifying you before an inspection is due.

It’s Easy to Get Complete Coverage

With TFP’s all-encompassing marine fire and life safety services, you can work with one trusted provider to cover all of your fire and life safety equipment needs on every vessel in your fleet. Our Services include:

  • Fire Extinguisher Inspections, Maintenance & Violation Removal
  • Fire Suppression System Inspections, Maintenance, Violation Removal, Engineering, Design & Installation
  • First Aid & Emergency Response Kits
  • Galley Fire Suppression Systems
  • AEDs & CPR Training

With all of these services, you can protect your passengers and ships and prevent fines without having to spend extra time and money working with multiple vendors to ensure you’re covered.

Ready to get your fleet’s fire and life safety equipment in compliance? Speak to one of our fire and life safety experts today.