5 Reasons to Have your Staff CPR Certified

You never know when an emergency will arise at your business. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that your team members are prepared to react should an emergency occur. One way is to offer CPR training and get your staff CPR certified. Here are some benefits to teaching CPR to your staff in addition to the overall work and life benefits of CPR.

Benefits of Teaching CPR to Your Staff

Cardiac arrest may be a more common occurrence than you think. In fact, the American Heart Association stated that in a single year, approximately 350,000 Americans died as a result of cardiac arrest. This number could possibly have been reduced had individuals around the cardiac arrest victims known how to apply CPR techniques to save them. CPR administration can double or triple the person’s chance of survival, particularly if it’s administered right after the cardiac arrest occurs. When you teach your staff the fundamentals of CPR and get them certified in this necessary lifesaving technique, they’ll be able to help in case of an emergency and not feel helpless not knowing how to administer CPR. They can also learn about automated external defibrillators and the benefits of these lifesaving items.

Work and Life Benefits of CPR

Ready to learn more about why you should offer CPR training for your staff? Here are five work and life benefits of CPR:

  • Emergency situations can be handled the correct way: When you offer CPR training for your team members, emergency situations can be handled in the best possible way with knowledge and experience.
  • Staff members feel safer: CPR training will also allow your staff members to feel safer knowing that this type of knowledge is something all employees possess, thanks to the training and certification.
  • Meet CPR requirements: Depending on your industry and location, you may also be required to offer this training to your employees.
  • Can use CPR strategies at work and outside the office: The CPR strategies learned in the training and certification session can be used both in the office and outside of it.
  • You can help save a life: When you know how to administer CPR, you might even be able to help save a life which is an extraordinary thing in and of itself.

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