Benefits of AED Medical Direction Services

An AEDAs a business owner, ensuring that your employees remain safe is one of your most important responsibilities. Part of that responsibility includes training for emergencies and providing functioning life-saving equipment, like AEDs. Medical Direction services should be utilized by most business owners to ensure that equipment, including AEDs, and protocols are appropriate, sufficient, and up to code.

Below, we’ll discuss what an AED is, why AED Medical Direction is essential, and what’s included in the service.

What Is an AED?

An AED, or automated external defibrillator, is a device that delivers an electric shock to a victim of cardiac arrest. The machine analyzes the heart rhythm and works to restart it.

What Is AED Medical Direction?

AED Medical Direction is a service that ensures your AEDs work correctly and that your employees are trained and understand how to use an AED in the case of an emergency. AED Medical Direction is crucial for maintaining a safe working environment for you and your employees, should an AED need to be used.

What Is Included in AED Medical Direction?

AED Medical Direction includes a complete inspection of your equipment and replacement if needed. This ensures that your AED is up to code, works properly, and is installed in a suitable area of your building.

More importantly, Medical Direction includes OSHA-compliant training of your employees. Occupants of your building will learn proper CPR techniques as well as AED usage.

The Benefits

AED Medical Direction services increase the chance of survival in the case of cardiac arrest or other life-threatening emergencies. It helps ensure that your emergency equipment will function when needed and that your employees will be able to respond appropriately in the case of a medical emergency. Additionally, OSHA compliance is mandatory for all businesses, and Medical Direction will confirm that your building is in compliance.

Risk of Not Getting Medical Direction Service

Neglecting to get AED Medical Direction services can be very dangerous, as it can lead to outdated equipment, a malfunctioning device when it’s needed to save someone’s life, and improperly trained employees.

Maintaining OSHA compliance is essential, but AED Medical Direction is far more valuable because it increases the chance of survival in case of cardiac arrest or another medical emergency. Contact one of our certified professionals today for more information or to get AED Medical Direction services for your company.