Why Now Is the Perfect Time for Schools to Upgrade Their Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Inspecting a sprinklerSchools across the country are upgrading their kitchen fire suppression systems to prepare for their students’ return in the fall. Right now is the perfect time for your school to do the same.

Below, we’ll discuss why now is the perfect time to upgrade your kitchen fire suppression system, why the kitchen is the best place to start, and how TFP can help.

Why Now?

There is no better time than right now to upgrade the fire safety equipment in your school to ensure it is working properly and efficiently for the Fall. Here is why:

Fewer Students

Updating an extensive, highly integrated system, like your kitchen fire suppression system, will require a considerable amount of wiring and construction work. The safest way to complete this work is with as few bystanders around as possible. Fewer people in your school will also ensure this work is completed as quickly as possible. Upgrading your kitchen fire suppression system will also affect your ability to work in the kitchen and serve food. It is best to complete this work before you have a school full of hungry mouths to feed.

Outdated & Neglected Systems

Over the lockdowns, many schools’ fire-related equipment has gone without maintenance for months or even an entire year. Nearly all of your fire protection equipment is required by law to be inspected and tested on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Neglecting to have this maintenance done opens your school up to multiple violations and fines. But, more importantly, inspecting, testing, and upgrading your fire protection equipment ensures that equipment will work in the event of a fire. Without this maintenance, there is no way of ensuring safety for your students and staff for their return in the fall. Upgrading your systems will prevent penalties for your school, keep your students and staff safe, and offer you peace of mind.

Why the Kitchen?

Although you may have multiple fire protection systems or equipment that need maintenance, it is always best to start in the kitchen. This is because cooking equipment was the leading cause of unintentional fires in schools from 2014-2018, according to the NFPA. And school fires are not few and far between. “In 2014–2018, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 3,230 structure fires in schools each year. These fires caused annual averages of one civilian death, 39 civilian injuries, and $37 million in direct property damage.” For these reasons, we strongly suggest you have an expert fire protection partner inspect your kitchen fire suppression system and perform an upgrade if necessary. Kitchen fire suppression system upgrades are one of the most impactful actions you can take to drastically increase fire safety at your school.

Educators’ Go-To Fire Protection Partner

At TFP, we have been working with school administrators like you for over 20 years, helping them keep students and staff safe from fire-related accidents and keep their buildings compliant with all national and local fire codes.

Our Kitchen Fire Suppression System Services Include:

  • Kitchen Fire Suppression System Installation
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression System Maintenance
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression System Violation Removal
  • Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression System Upgrades
  • Hood & Duct Cleaning

Ready to get your schools’ kitchen fire suppression system upgraded in time for the Fall? Speak to one of our kitchen fire suppression system experts today.