Do You Need Emergency Light Testing?

Emergency Exit LightMost building owners understand that their fire alarm systems need to be inspected annually to ensure proper functionality, but many don’t know that emergency lighting also needs inspection and maintenance. Below, we’ll discuss what emergency light testing is, how often it’s required, and how to prepare for your emergency light inspection.

What Is Emergency Exit Light Testing?

Emergency exit light testing is a professional examination of all emergency exit signs in your building. The inspection and test will confirm that the lights are in working order and in compliance with OSHA standards.

What Does It Include?

Emergency exit light testing includes a complete and thorough test of all illuminated exit signs in your building. The technician will test bulbs, battery functionality, and battery life. They will test the signs, confirm there is no physical damage, replace parts as needed, and add a certification sticker to the fixture.

How Often Should It Be Done?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires that all emergency exit light testing be completed annually. The building owner is responsible for scheduling routine inspections and ensuring the equipment remains maintained and free of physical damage between examinations.

How to Prepare

Preparation for emergency exit light testing is simple but very important. You’ll want to make sure that all emergency lighting is easily accessible, which may include removing furniture or other items from the area. Additionally, ensure that you have a designated staff member on-site to meet with the technician, confirm the location of all equipment, and walk the property with them during the inspection.

Risk of Not Having Testing Done

Neglecting to have your annual testing done could result in a malfunction of the equipment during an emergency. Exit lighting is crucial, as it aids your employees and anyone in your building in escaping the premises safely and timely. Failing to get inspections done regularly could result in personal injury or loss of life.

When you’re ready for the mandatory annual inspection of your emergency lighting, contact one of our certified professionals for a comprehensive examination.