Commercial and Residential Real Estate Impacted by Wildfires and Climate Change

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Impacted by Wildfires and Climate ChangeFrom the Amazon and Australia to California, wildfires are increasing in scope and frequency. In most instances, dry weather attributed to climate change is to blame. Today, fire seasons can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months, months longer than they used to last. And the destruction is clear. In fact, the eight most destructive years for wildfires ever have all occurred in the last 13 years.

Wildfires affect communities, flora and fauna, businesses, and our homes. As you may know, 14,000 homes burned to the ground in 2018 from the massive wildfires in California. Homeowners and business owners shouldn’t live in fear which is why many fire departments and cities are preparing for the growing scope of wildfires.

The Need for Greater Fire Protection and Prevention

Researchers are devising ways to make businesses and homes fire resistant. They are testing different home-building materials, landscaping ideas, and thicker windows in hopes of finding more fire-resistant building materials. While the research is ongoing, scientists have already found a few methods to reduce fire risk in a home or business.

Many homes and businesses use highly flammable wood shingles and planks for their siding. Frequently, house and business fires begin and grow in the siding. Therefore, wood shingles are not an ideal building material, especially if your building is in a fire-prone location. Thankfully, researchers have found that fiber cement composite sidings are flame-resistant. Using fire-resistant material like fiber cement compost can reduce the likelihood of your commercial and residential real estate burning down.

While landscaping for a building’s exterior can add a touch of comfort, beauty, and elegance, it can also invite wildfires into your commercial building. Wood mulch is especially flammable, and surrounding your business with wood mulch is a fire hazard. On the other hand, rock mulch is as beautiful and elegant as wood mulch but is flame-resistant.

Single-paned windows can crack and break during a fire. As windows break, fires can spread; and as fires spread, they can destroy your business or home. Dual-paned windows offer significantly more protection and resistance to fires than single-paned windows. Unlike single-paned windows, dual-paned windows are unlikely to break or crack, meaning that a fire will not get past the windows. While dual-paned windows might be more expensive, they can save your business from far more severe damages.

Fire prevention for commercial buildings is an easier and cheaper alternative to rebuilding destroyed businesses. We understand that making businesses fire-resistant can be challenging, but we intend to make that process as easy as possible for you and your business.

Our experts will help you create an affordable and effective plan to increase fire-resistance in your commercial buildings. Contact Total Fire Protection today to learn how we can improve your fire prevention efforts in your New York City area building.