Importance of Fire Protection Inspections

WorkerYou don’t want to find out that your fire protection system is faulty when your building is up in flames. By that point, you’ll have lost everything you seek to protect: expensive equipment, years worth of work, and your fire protection system. All you’ll have left is a lot of paperwork and the regret that you didn’t mitigate fire hazards.
While fire protection systems last years, they do require regular maintenance. Without regular inspection, your protection system can only work effectively for so long until it breaks down. Then, any small fire will be able to engulf your entire building.

If you don’t have a professional inspecting your system already, you should hire a fire protection contractor. Fire protection contractors make sure your building and fire protection system is updated, maintained, and in line with all required federal, state, and local codes.

Furthermore, fire protection services can prevent small problems from growing in scope. Most people don’t understand the intricacies of a fire protection system. But professionals do. They’ve worked with fire protection tools for years, and they can resolve an issue before disaster strikes.

A good fire protection contractor will visit your building at pre-determined intervals. These intervals are proscribed by law and can be dependent on various things. For example, New York City requires that commercial kitchens be inspected every 3 months. However, if your kitchen operates a wood-burning oven, that inspection must occur every 30 days. Regardless if you own a residential, commercial or office space, when hiring a fire and life safety system inspection company, it’s important to confirm they know all the details of local, state and national fire codes and standards as they relate to your specific needs.

Regular fire protection services save billions of dollars and thousands of lives every year. While fire inspections cost money, they’re more than worth the money, time, and stress required to recover from a fire. Plus, these services aren’t as expensive as the fines you can face for not complying with local, state, and national laws.

Do you need an inspection, or do you feel that you deserve a more invested fire protection contractor? If so, check out our Fire Protection Service webpage, and get a quote today.