The Advantages of Cellular Fire Alarm Communicators

Starlink Systems Rapid ResponseIf you own and operate a commercial business, it’s vital to have a fire alarm communication system in place. This system protects your building and the people in it during a fire or other emergency. There are two main choices for fire alarm communicators: cellular fire alarm communicators and landline fire alarm communicators. Overall, cellular fire alarm communicators are often said to be more advantageous. Here’s more information on the cellular alarm communication system and some advantages to cellular fire alarm communicators:

What Is a Cellular Fire Alarm Communicator?

The cellular fire alarm communicator alerts the central monitoring station in the case of a fire. If you use a cellular fire alarm communicator instead of a landline fire alarm communicator, the system is connected through cell towers rather than phone lines. This ensures the notification gets through even if the power is out and your landlines are down.

When Do You Need This Type of Communicator?

Cellular fire alarm communicators are necessary for commercial buildings to have in place in the case of a fire. The original landline communication system works if the power is on, but if not, this system won’t do the job it should do. With a cellular fire alarm communicator, the central monitoring station will receive notification, whether the power is on or not.

Advantages of Cellular Fire Alarm Communicators

With a cellular fire alarm communicator in place, you’ll have the following advantages:

  • Provides continual protection
  • Is more reliable than a landline fire alarm communication system
  • Provides more coverage than a landline system
  • Easy to install
  • More cost-efficient to operate
  • Alerts are faster

With all these advantages, it’s easy to see why businesses use cellular alarm systems instead of landline options.

Find out More About the Cellular Fire Alarm Communicator Today

If you need to install a new fire alarm communication system or are ready to upgrade to a new system, learn more about the cellular fire alarm communicator today. Total Fire Protection installs cellular fire alarm communicators so your business and people can be as safe. Contact Total Fire Protection to learn more about the cellular fire alarm communication system.