The Fire Safety Log Book Explained

There are many steps business owners can take to ensure their company is ready in the case of an emergency. From fire extinguishers to fire alarms, you want to have all the necessary items in your building that protect your business and the people in it. You also want to be in compliance with local laws and regulations. One way to do so is to have a fire safety log book on your premises.

What is a Fire Safety Log Book?

A fire safety log book is a record of fire safety tasks completed at your business. This register includes many different task items such as:

  • Checks on escape routes
  • Checks on fire escape maintenance
  • Any faults in fire safety equipment
  • Notations that all fire alarms are in working order
  • Emergency lighting checks
  • Fire door checks
  • Training and fire drill dates

These are just a few of the many items you’ll find in a fire safety log book.

Why You Need a Fire Log Book

Businesses are often required by law to have a fire log book on the premises. This ensures that the business owner is taking the necessary steps to promote fire safety and keep fire systems in good working order. Plus, it keeps a hard copy record of when these items were checked and what was checked.

When You Need a Fire Safety Log Book

All businesses should have a fire safety log book. With that said, local regulations often dictate who needs a fire log book and what has to be recorded within the register. The exact regulations will depend on your individual location.

Where to Find This Log Book

The fire safety log book should be kept at the business site at all times. With this in mind, you can present the register whenever requested by your local regulatory agency. When the time comes to buy a fire safety log book, you can easily get your required book from Total Fire Protection.

Risk of Not Getting a Fire Safety Log Book

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code requires businesses to have a yearly fire safety log book in place. If you don’t have a fire safety log book, you could miss out on performing certain fire safety requirements and receive fines and suffer other repercussions from your local regulatory agency. Most importantly, your business could be in an unsafe condition as it relates to fire safety. As a result, this puts your business and the people in it at risk.

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