The Lifesaving Benefits of Firestopping

Fire prevention comes in many forms. In addition to knowing how to prevent fires from starting, you should also know what products and services to use to prevent fire from spreading. Firestopping is one feature that helps prevent fires from spreading. And there are many lifesaving benefits of firestopping you should know about.

What Is Firestopping?

Firestopping is a technique that seals openings in walls and floors of the building. This sealing process keeps fire contained and prevents it from moving to other areas of the building. In addition to preventing the flames from spreading, it also prevents the smoke and toxic gasses from getting to other areas of the structure.

How Does It Work?

Firestopping is the process of filling holes and openings in walls and floors in the building with firestop materials. When this material is added to the spaces in the walls and floors, it acts as a barrier from one room to the next. Should a fire occur, the firestoppping will keep the fire, smoke, and toxic gasses contained and help prevent these items from moving throughout the building.

Risk of Not Having Firestopping

There are certain risks involved with not having firestopping. If you don’t have firestopping in place, what could be a single room fire could turn into a total loss of the building. In addition to property damage, there could be injuries or worse. Also, certain buildings are required to have fire prevention methods in place which may include firestopping measures.

Benefits of Firestopping

When you have firestopping in your building, you can rest easier knowing that you’re taking the correct steps in your fire prevention plan. Here are some benefits to using firestopping:

  • Less property damage
  • Helps to protect people from injuries and loss of life
  • Provides more time for a safe and complete fire evacuation of the building
  • Protects adjoining properties and residents/business owners
  • May help you comply with certain local fire regulations

If you’ve been thinking about getting firestopping services or don’t know if your building has the right firestopping safeguards in place, now’s the time to act! Contact Total Fire Protection today for more information on firestopping and details on how their team members can help you with your firestopping and other fire prevention needs.

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