The Top 10 Fire Safety Tips for Your Restaurant

Fire safety is essential, especially for restaurants. You want to protect your building and the people in it. Restaurant fire safety tips help you prevent fires and teach you how to react in the case of a fire.

It’s been noted that fires occur in home kitchens more than in any other place in the residence. With this in mind, it’s easy to see that kitchen fires in restaurants may also be a serious concern. In fact, approximately 40% of restaurant fires began in the kitchen. And concerning restaurant fire statistics in general, there was an average of 7,410 fires in restaurants and bars per year over a four-year period, per a 2017 National Fire Protection Association report. Therefore, it’s easy to see why fire safety is essential in restaurants.

Risk of Not Taking Fire Prevention Seriously

There are many risks involved in not taking fire prevention seriously. First, if a fire starts in your restaurant, injuries and property damage could occur. Also, if you don’t have a good fire safety plan in place, you won’t know how to react should a fire start. Lastly, there are likely certain local regulations your business must follow for your restaurant to operate legally. For all these reasons, it’s vital you, and your staff take fire prevention seriously.

10 Fire Safety Tips

To help you get started, here are ten fire safety tips to put to use in your restaurant:

  • Make sure your cooking equipment has an exhaust system: Ensure all your cooking equipment that requires an exhaust system for safe operation has one in place.
  • Keep wall and object clearance in mind: Know how much clearance you need for all objects and equipment in your restaurant to ensure safe operation.
  • Consider hood construction: Make sure the cooking appliance hood is made of the right material and does the job it’s intended to do.
  • Have commercial fire extinguishers in place: Install commercial fire extinguishers in your restaurant according to size and local requirements.
  • Perform cooking equipment inspections and maintenance: Cooking equipment should be inspected and have regular maintenance performed periodically.
  • Keep the cooking equipment clean: Make sure the cooking equipment is kept clean and free from built-up grease, oil, and other flammable residue.
  • Perform routine electrical checks: Check the electrical outlets and equipment around your restaurant regularly to make sure everything is working correctly and doesn’t need any repairs.
  • Install a fire suppression system: An automatic fire suppression system will help keep fire from spreading should this instance occur.
  • Have a fire emergency plan: You should have a set fire emergency plan in place to put to use should a fire occur.
  • Train your staff: Make sure your staff knows exactly what to do in the case of a fire emergency.

Prepare your team members and show them how to respond in the case of a fire. Also, take the preventative measures listed above to make it less likely a fire occurs.

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