The Top 6 Fire Safety Hazards for Banks & Financial Institutions

Fire safety methods often vary in different commercial buildings. This may be due to how the building is constructed or what types of items exist within the structure. For example, banks and financial institutions have their own requirements regarding fire safety systems and also distinct fire safety hazards specific to businesses of this type.

Why Fire Safety at Banks is Unique

Fire safety at banks and financial institutions is extremely unique. This is due to the way these types of buildings are constructed. Since financial institutions must have structural safeguards in place to protect the contents within, you might see how this type of building and fire safety needs differ from other businesses. Therefore, you have to have specific fire safety measures in place that are designed to operate within banks.

Risk of Not Having the Proper Measures in Place

If you don’t have the right fire safety measures in place, you may not be able to put the fires out in the right way. Also, the contents within the structure may be damaged or ruined. Most importantly, the fire prevention system may not protect the people within in the safest manner. Therefore, it’s important to have a fire safety system in place tailored to suit the needs of the bank or financial institution.

Top 6 Hazards for Financial Institutions

Here are the top six safety hazards for financial institutions and why a specifically tailored fire safety system is necessary for banks:

  1. Extensive damage may occur to critical areas of the bank if proper fireproofing insulation is not present.
  2. Water could damage the items within the bank so clean agent fire suppression tools are necessary.
  3. First responders may not be able to reach certain areas of the bank due to security features in place.
  4. There may not be enough fire extinguishers in each secure area of the building.
  5. Banks may be designed with securing financial items in mind and not include the right fire safety features.
  6. The building design of the financial institution may make installing fire protection systems difficult.

With all these potential hazards in mind, it’s important you speak with a fire safety professional to ensure your bank is fire protection ready.

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