What is an Infrared Electrical Inspection and Why You Should Regularly Have One

ScannerInfrared electrical inspection (IEI) is one of the best methods for assessing the condition of your equipment. This service is useful because infrared light can spot irregularities in heat, which suggests damaged switches, defective breakers, faulty fuses, and other issues that can lead to equipment failure.

How It Works

Electrical systems often run hot, but malfunctioning electrical devices run too hot. That temperature difference can lead to unexpected shutdowns, equipment failure, and the loss of lives. Clearly, then, we want to prevent equipment from failing. How do we do it?

Well, we can’t use our bodies. Using our bodies to detect the heat of a device is dangerous and unreliable. It leads to the damages that we’re trying to prevent. So how does one detect slight temperature differences in a safe manner?

The answer is infrared light cameras. These cameras can precisely detect the temperature of devices near and far away. Professional IEI teams have the infrared equipment to detect temperature and the expertise to know when your equipment may be malfunctioning.

The most significant advantage of IEI is that it can spot defective elective equipment before the equipment fails or a fire occurs. Thus, it’s a relatively affordable service considering the alternatives. At its best, faulty equipment wastes power, which wastes money. At its worst, a defective fuse can lead to catastrophic damage.

When Do I Need an Infrared Electrical Inspection?

An infrared electrical inspection is not a one-time service. Unfortunately, the equipment can malfunction at any moment. With the occasional IEI, though, you can mitigate the risk of equipment failure.

If you’ve decided to hire a professional to inspect your equipment, you’ll also want to know how often to do it. A professional team can tell you how often your particular site requires inspection. At the very least, you should get an inspection once a year, but we recommend a quarterly or semi-annual inspection.

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