Hotel Fire Safety for Owners

Exit Sign

There are over 3,500 fires in hotels every year. This statistic is staggering and scary, considering how catastrophic a hotel fire can be if it spreads. If you own or manage a hotel, you should pay special attention to hotel kitchens, storerooms, and smoking areas. These are the places where fires are most likely to spark and spread.

You should also make sure that your hotel has the following six items to combat fires.

Fire Alarm System

A functioning fire alarm system will alert you and your guests when a fire sparks. With a high-quality fire alarm system, everybody in your hotel will have an appropriate amount of time to evacuate.

Fire Suppression System

Fire suppression systems are your first chain of command once a fire strikes. Fire sprinklers can mitigate the spread of fire and extinguish small fires without requiring human personnel. Hotels should consult with professionals to make sure they’re using high-quality fire suppression systems and that the systems are maintained.

Fire Extinguisher

Your hotel should follow local, state, and national codes for fire extinguisher requirements. Typically, laws will require that every room and hallway has a fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers should also be clearly labeled and accessible to all employees and guests.

Fire Doors

Fire doors are invaluable when it comes to limiting the spread of a fire. These doors are fire-resistant, meaning fires can’t easily pass through them. Replacing hotel room doors with fire doors may be expensive, but it’s a far cheaper investment than rebuilding a hotel.

Clearly Marked Evacuation Routes

You don’t want your hotel employees and guests scrambling every which way when they’re trying to escape a fire. You should design and mark evacuation routes in your hotel, and post clear maps of the evacuation routes in hotel hallways.

Emergency Exit Lighting and Photoluminescent Lighting

Emergency and photoluminescent lighting will be your best friend if a fire disables your hotel’s electricity. The lighting systems illuminate clear routes to exit the hotel in the event of a disaster. Without them, your guests may not be able to see through the smoke of a fire, especially at night.

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