Deluge Or Water Mist: Which Is The Right Fire Suppression System For Your Property?

Mist Devices
Deluge and water mist are two of the more popular fire suppression systems. But how do you choose between the two? This question is complicated by the fact that there is no inherently better system. What you should choose depends on your building specifications, the sensitivity of equipment in your building, and your preferred investment.

Here is the basic breakdown of each system: Water mist systems use water droplets to extinguish fires. The droplets serve to cool the flame, displace the oxygen that powers the fire, and absorb heat when the droplets evaporate.

Deluge systems are sprinkler systems with open sprinkler heads and, as the name suggests, a quick and heavy flow of water that a heat or smoke detector triggers. The piping in a deluge system lies empty, where it’s held back by a deluge valve.

Water Mist Systems

Water mist systems are perhaps most notable for their limited water use, using 80-90% less water than a traditional sprinkler system. Thus, a water mist system can be your best option if you work in a sensitive environment, such as a hospital or data center.

The size of the droplets in water mist systems is one of the more critical details about the fire suppression systems. The systems mix water with nitrogen or oxygen at the ideal reaction surface area to quickly cool the fire it suppresses. Besides extinguishing the fire with water, water mist systems cool the fire, weakening its ability to grow and damage your equipment.

Finally, the atomized droplets from water mist systems are beneficial because they suffocate a fire by displacing oxygen. That way, the system extinguishes the fire with more than just water.

Deluge Fire Sprinkler System

Deluge fire sprinkler systems extinguish fires, fast. Deluge systems serve the most significant benefit in buildings that contain high fire hazards. Because the systems extinguish fires quickly, using the system gives you an excellent chance that the fire will be extinguished before it reaches the hazard.

Adjacent to the first point, deluge systems limit the spread of fires with their quick reaction time and heavy dispersal of water. While the systems may leave residual water in your building, this option can be far better than allowing the chance for a fire to spread.

Finally, deluge fire sprinkler systems are beneficial because of their initial cost. Deluge fire sprinkler systems cost far less than a water mist system, though upkeep can be costly.

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