Where Are Your Tenants’ Fire Extinguishers?

Fire extinguishers are an essential fire safety tool that all buildings should have in place. Whether you own a residential or commercial building, it’s imperative to have fire extinguishers on hand in case of a fire. But what if your tenants don’t have fire extinguishers? How can you ensure your tenants are safe in the case of a fire? A few different options may be available to you.

Why Don’t My Tenants Have Fire Extinguishers?

Whether a landlord must supply their tenants with a fire extinguisher depends on the laws and regulations where the building is located. It also depends on the type of building, such as residential or commercial. Landlords may not have to supply each tenant with a fire extinguisher inside their apartment, but they likely have to make these items available in the common areas of the building. Local fire regulations include detailed information on the types and number of fire extinguishers needed in a building and the placement of these items.

What Can I Do?

If your tenants don’t have a fire extinguisher in their unit, what are your options to make it more likely that your tenants have these fire safety tools available? Here are a few options:

  • Supply fire extinguishers to your tenants: If your tenants don’t have fire extinguishers in their rented premises, offer these essential items to them. This way, your tenants have access to a fire extinguisher should they need it and don’t have to find and buy one.
  • Explain the importance of fire extinguishers: You should emphasize the importance of having this fire safety tool in reach should a fire occur. Your tenants may feel more strongly about having a fire extinguisher once they hear the facts.
  • Offer fire safety alternatives: You can offer fire safety alternatives to your tenants, such as fire safety information and offering helpful tips on keeping the premises safe from fire.

Ensure the safety of your tenants by informing them of the importance of fire extinguishers, and Total Fire Protection can help you with the rest.

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