6 Ways to Ensure Your Fire Sprinklers Are Working Properly

As a business owner, you need to take fire safety and fire prevention into account in your daily dealings. You want your business to be safe from fires but also prepared in the case of a fire. This is essential not only to protect your property and the people in it but to abide by local laws and regulations. One responsibility you have as a business owner is to ensure your fire sprinklers are working properly.

Signs Sprinklers Are Not Working

So, how do you know if your fire sprinklers aren’t working? A few different ways include:

  • The fire alarm system sends a signal showing the fire sprinklers aren’t working
  • You’ve noticed damage to the fire sprinkler
  • The fire sprinkler is malfunctioning

If you notice any of these signs, you need to fix the problem ASAP to ensure your building is fire safe.

Risks of Not Ensuring Sprinklers Are Working

If you don’t ensure your fire sprinklers are working correctly, the results could be devastating. If your fire sprinklers aren’t working correctly there could be:

  • Safety issues
  • Fast-moving fire
  • Extensive property damage in the case of a fire
  • Injury or loss of life to people within the building
  • Damage to surrounding properties and injuries/loss of life to the people in those properties

The best way to prevent these things from occurring is to ensure your sprinklers are working.

6 Ways to Ensure Sprinklers Are Working

There are six ways to ensure your fire sprinklers are working including:

  • Set up a fire sprinkler inspection with a professional: The best way to ensure your fire sprinklers are working correctly is to have them inspected by a professional on a periodic basis. These fire inspections are often required by local laws as well as just being good practice. Total Fire Protection can help you with your fire sprinkler inspection needs!
  • Regularly maintain your fire sprinklers: Perform regular maintenance on your fire sprinklers with the help of a fire protection specialist, such as Total Fire Protection.
  • Keep 18 inches of clearance below sprinkler heads: Make sure the area around the fire sprinkler heads is clear.
  • Fix your fire sprinkler if you notice any damage: If your fire sprinkler is damaged, get it fixed right away.
  • Have the right type of fire sprinkler for the business: Depending on your type of business, you may need a specific style of fire sprinkler to produce the best results.
  • Keep track of fire sprinkler inspections: Always keep track of your fire sprinkler inspections so you know when you last had one and when it’s time for the next one.

Let Total Fire Protection ensure your fire sprinklers work properly!