How to Prevent EV Fires in Your Business’s Garage

As electric vehicles grow greater in number, the risk of electric vehicle fires increases. If your business has a garage for employee and customer parking, you should know the fire risks that electric vehicles pose. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure your business garage is as safe as possible and that electric vehicle fires are prevented.

What Are EV Fires?

EV fires, or electric vehicle fires, occur in this type of automobile for a number of reasons. Since electric vehicle fires occur for different reasons than gas-powered autos, it takes alternate methods to put this type of fire out. Plus, EV fires tend to burn hotter than some other fires and for longer periods of time.

How Do Electric Vehicle Fires Start?

Electric vehicle fires can start when the lithium-ion batteries fail or the cases rupture. When this happens, the result is a quick, intense fire. These types of fires take days to completely extinguish, as they can reignite days later due to energy left in the electric vehicle battery. And since the fires are more extreme, it takes a lot of water to put them out.

Risk of Doing Nothing

If you don’t do what you should do to prevent electric vehicle fires, the following could occur:

  • Property damage to the business garage
  • Property damage to the main business and surrounding buildings
  • Injury and loss of life

For these reasons, you want to take the necessary steps to prevent EV fires.

How to Prevent EV Fires

There are steps you can take as a business owner to prevent EV fires in your business garage. Here are some ways to prevent electric vehicle fires:

  • Update your emergency response plan: As a result of more electric vehicles on the road, and likely in your building parking garage, you should update your business’ emergency response plan. Make sure there is a plan in place should an EV fire occur.
  • Train building staff on threats posed by EV fires: In addition to updating your emergency response plan, you should train building staff on what to do in case of an EV fire. Provide them with details on how this type of car fire is different and inform them on how to react should this type of fire occur in the building garage.
  • Contact your local fire department for information: Your local fire department is a wealth of information on fire prevention and safety tips. Contact your local department to see if there are any ways you can keep your building garage safe from EV fires.
  • Have the right fire safety equipment in place: Learn about any special equipment you should have in your building garage in case an EV fire should occur. Total Fire Protection offers a wide array of fire safety equipment and fire prevention assistance.

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