Everything You Need to Know About Having Your Business’s HVAC & Laundry Ducts Cleaned

The HVAC ductwork and laundry ducts in your business are essential working components of your building. Many people think these features just operate on their own and need little or no maintenance. However, this is not the case.

It’s important to maintain and service your HVAC ducts and laundry ducts for many reasons. One main reason to do so is to prevent fires from occurring within the building. Fortunately, there are professional businesses that offer this vital service for commercial buildings. Here’s everything you need to know about having your business’s HVAC ductwork and laundry ducts cleaned:

What Are HVAC and Laundry Ducts and Where Are They Located?

The HVAC ducts are the areas that circulate air and heat throughout the building while the laundry duct usually refers to a clothes dryer vent. Your HVAC system has ducts that connect with one another and push the air and heat around the building. The laundry duct is the ductwork that connects your clothes dryer to the outside and facilitates the airflow while the dryer is in use.

How Often Should They Be Cleaned?

It’s vital to keep your HVAC ducts and laundry ducts clear. There is no specific timeline as to when you should clean the ductwork. However, here are some things to be on the lookout for to determine if it’s a good time to clean the ducts:

  • Traces of vermin infestation
  • Visible mold on the ductwork or your HVAC system
  • A build-up of excessive dust, debris, or other particles on the registers or in the ducts

If you notice any of these signs when you look at your HVAC ducts or laundry ducts, you should schedule a professional ductwork cleaning appointment.

Risk of Not Cleaning Your HVAC and Laundry Ducts

If you don’t clean the ductwork when it’s necessary to do so, unsafe situations may occur. Some risks include potential fires, possible health issues due to the ducts releasing hazardous air particles, and an HVAC system and laundry setup that don’t work right.

The Cleaning Process

When you hire a professional ductwork cleaning company to handle the cleaning process for you, the team members take various steps to ensure your HVAC system and laundry vents are clean and clear. Here are some steps the company may take to clean your air ducts:

  1. The company will use air-powered tools and attachments to get inside the ductwork and clean out the entire area.
  2. The HVAC unit will also be cleaned, and the dust, dirt, and other debris will be removed from the system.
  3. The registers will be cleaned as well.

Concerning your dryer vent, this process is a bit less time-consuming than an HVAC ductwork cleaning. The company will clean the foil and metal ductwork of your dryer and clear out all areas of this duct system. The vent area on the outside of your building will also be cleaned and cleared of any dust and debris.

Cleaning your HVAC ductwork and dryer vent duct will help prevent fires from occurring, along with many other benefits. Contact Total Fire Protection to ensure your building has the proper fire safety features in place.

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