How to Avoid the Most Common Fire Safety Violations & Fines

FineAs a business owner, you’re held to a high standard regarding regulations and proper procedures. Fire safety is one of the most closely regulated areas at your place of business because of how dangerous fire can be for your employees and customers. Below, we’ll be discussing the common types of violations and fines for neglecting proper fire safety measures and how to avoid them.

Violations & Fines Are Common

Everyone knows the importance of fire safety, but many business owners either don’t know how to abide by fire code or don’t keep up with inspections to ensure they comply. Violations and fines for fire safety infractions are issued daily in New York to building and business owners who may not even have realized they weren’t in compliance.

How to Avoid Violations & Fines

Avoiding violations and fines for fire safety non-compliance isn’t terribly difficult, and of course, doing so also keeps your business and employees safe. Below are the most common reasons business owners get hit with a fine or violation.

1 – Invalid Fire Extinguishers & Maintenance

Commercial fire extinguishers are a requirement in all businesses, but it isn’t enough just to have them; they also need to be inspected, tested, and replaced or recharged regularly, and they need to be easily accessible at all times.

2 – Obstructions in Hallways & Stairways

Evacuation of any building needs to be swift and straightforward for all employees. Doorways, exits, and stairways need to be clear of desks, tables, furniture, building materials, garbage cans, and any other obstructions at all times.

3 – Incorrect Emergency Lighting

Most businesses are required to display illuminated exit signs at all times. These cannot be blocked by signage, furniture, or any other visual obstruction at any time. Some businesses are also required to have emergency lighting that will run on generator or battery power to illuminate hallways even in the event of a power outage.

4 – Non-Covered Outlets & Circuit Breakers

Outlets, switches, and circuit breakers need proper covers at all times in your business. Switch and outlet plates and circuit breaker covers are often very cheap and can be replaced with ease, so this is a simple way to avoid a hefty fine.

5 – Lack of Employee Training

All employees must be trained on operating a fire extinguisher, and lack of this kind of training is a common cause for violation. Business owners must also designate specific employees to use extinguishers in the case of an emergency.

6 – No 2021 Fire Safety Log Book

Your fire suppression system, including extinguishers, needs to be visually inspected monthly for damage and potential for failed operation. Every business must maintain a logbook of at least annual inspections, and you must have one on-premises for 2021. Failure to present physical records can result in a violation and fine. Get yours here.

Business owners are under constant scrutiny over fire safety precautions, especially when it comes to fire extinguishers. To get your fire extinguishers professionally inspected, repaired, or replaced, contact one of our highly-trained experts today.