New Year Commercial Fire Safety Checklist

SafetyAs we ring in the New Year, it’s an excellent time to review your building’s fire safety measures and ensure you, your employees, and your property all remain as safe as possible. Reviewing your fire safety measures is one of the best ways to keep everyone safe in the case of a fire and reduce damage to your building. Below, we’re going to discuss a fire safety checklist you can run through to make sure you’re protected and prepared.

Why Fire Safety Is Important

It should go without saying that keeping your fire safety measures up to date and complying with all fire-related codes is crucial. Simple checks and inspections at the beginning of the New Year can mean the difference between an adequately protected building and significant property damage. Updating and checking your fire safety measures can also save lives, so it’s among the most critical things you can do to keep your employees safe.

Follow the New Year fire safety checklist below to keep your building safe and in compliance.

1) Check Fire Extinguishers

Begin by confirming that you have fire extinguishers installed according to your local fire code. Make sure your extinguishers aren’t expired or about to expire and that they’ve been inspected recently. You should also make sure that there is no physical damage to hoses, canisters, or other components.

2) Inspect Your Fire Sprinklers

You should have sprinklers installed according to code already, but do a visual inspection to ensure there is no damage to pipes, valves, or other equipment. Check for leaks on all surfaces and have any damage repaired by a professional.

3) Check Your Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Kitchens are a leading source of building fires, so check your commercial kitchen to make sure the fire suppression system is in place and free of physical damage. The suppression system should include a nearby extinguisher, so inspect that for damage and make sure it isn’t expired.

4) Smoke/CO Alarms

Next, review the fire code for smoke and CO alarm requirements, and make sure you have the proper alarms installed in your building. Check each for functionality, and replace batteries in any battery-operated alarms.

5) Fire Safety Signage

Every commercial building must have the proper fire safety signage placed in specific areas depending on your building’s layout. Ensure you have adequate signage and that it hasn’t been blocked by furniture or decor.

Protecting your building and employees from fire should be your top priority at all times, but the New Year is a convenient marker to double-check that your building is up to code and as safe as possible. Total Fire Protection offers all of the above services in one cost-effective, consolidated package. Contact one of our fire protection professionals for more information on protecting your building and bringing it entirely up to code.