BBQ Safety Tips For Summer: How To Prevent a Fire

What better way to celebrate summer than with a family BBQ? As the weather gets warmer and the need to indulge in a juicy burger becomes more intense, the chance of a grill going up in flames becomes more prevalent. According to the National Fire Protection Association, seven out of 10 adults in the U.S have an outdoor grill, naturally increasing the risk of a home fire.

There are many ways to enjoy your weekend barbecue without causing a fire hazard. Be sure to keep the following BBQ safety tips in mind the next time you decide to satisfy your burger craving.

1. Maintain grill cleanliness

You may notice fat buildup and grease left over from a previous grilling experience. Apart from preventing illnesses caused by bacteria and removing harmful carcinogenic residue left over, it’s always a good idea to clean your grill after every use to promote a safer cooking environment. Grease can easily fuel the fire unnecessarily and cause flare ups.

2. Barbecue on stable ground

Containing the flames within the grill is one of the most important BBQ safety tips to remember. If your grill is unstable, you run the risk of tipping it over. This could result in nearby objects catching fire and causing a catastrophic sequence of events.

3. Never leave the grill unattended

It may seem harmless to run indoors to grab something you may have forgotten, but leaving your grill unattended is something you should avoid at all times. Keep children and animals away from a grill in use by creating a designated area that is off-limits.

4. Stay clear of surrounding objects

As tempting as it may be to place your grill underneath an exterior balcony or overhanging tree branches, it could increase the chance of a fire hazard. Ensure that your grill is located in an area clear of surrounding objects that can easily catch fire.

5. Invest in a portable fire extinguisher

Always have an escape plan when dealing with fire, even if it seems highly unlikely that your grill can go up in flames. One of the safest extinguishers for a BBQ is a Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher which can be used on gas, oils, and flammable liquids by smothering the flames.

At Total Fire Protection, we provide portable fire extinguishers and accessories to keep your home and family members safe.

Fire safety and family barbecues go hand in hand in ensuring that everyone has a good time without burning down the house. Avoid ruining a perfectly good BBQ by having the correct fire extinguisher on hand. Contact us for a free quote.