LL 26 Mandatory NYC Fire Sprinkler Systems July 1st Deadline: Are You Ready?

inspectionsThe deadline for complying with New York City Local Law 26 for commercial sprinkler systems is July 1, 2019. The law requires that all buildings 100 ft or higher with specific building classifications be fully outfitted with automatic sprinkler systems.

To be compliant, you must adhere to the following:

All required building occupancy classifications must have installed throughout a code-compliant automatic sprinkler system.

In order to meet the NYC Building Code, NYC Fire Code, and any additional National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, it is mandatory to have the correct automatic sprinkler system installed based on certain construction characteristics for specific occupancy classifications. The occupancy group classifications that may fall under this requirement include:

  • Occupancy B: Business, including office buildings, healthcare facilities, and animal services facilities.
  • Occupancy E: Educational
  • Occupancy F: Factory (may include repair garages for commercial vehicles)
  • Occupancy G: High Hazard
  • Occupancy I: Institutional (including mixed occupancy)
  • Occupancy M: Mercantile
  • Occupancy R: Residential (excluding detached 1- 2-family and townhouses)
  • Occupancy S: Storage

Certified documentation must be available that proves you meet LL26 requirements.

Even if you have a sprinkler system installed, if you lack documentation proving that you adhere to LL26 requirements you would need a New York State licensed architect or engineer to file a report certifying that you are compliant.

Are you certain your sprinkler system is compliant?

With the July 1, 2019 deadline around the corner, it’s important to act fast. In addition to running the risk of breaking the law, being cited for non-compliance may also result in hefty fines.

To ensure your sprinkler system meets the NYC Building code requirements of LL26, contact Total Fire Protection for the right NYC fire sprinkler system and expert guidance you require.