Fire Doors: What Building Managers Need to Know

Fire safety precautions are essential, especially within buildings. From fire sprinklers to fire alarms, there are many ways to protect your property and the people within it. One type of fire safety tool is a fire door. So, what is a fire door, and does your company need this safeguard in place?

What is a Fire Door?

A fire door is a special construction door that’s built to withstand high temperatures due to fire. The fire door helps to protect people in the building as well as prevent as much property damage as possible. You’ll often find this type of door in specific commercial buildings.

How Does It Work?

The fire door operates when a fire is detected in the area. The door will close automatically when there’s a fire in the building or will operate if someone manually pushes a button. The purpose is to prevent the spread of fire within the building and protect individuals located within the property.

The Requirements of a Fire Door

Fire door requirements will differ depending on where your building is located. You may have to follow state regulations in addition to local regulations with regard to fire safety requirements. In general, you must have your fire doors inspected on a regular basis, usually once every year, and the fire door must pass this inspection. In order for your fire door to pass inspection, the door must provide fire resistance for a specific time period. The exact time required will be based on local and state regulations in your area.

Risk of Not Having Them Inspected and Maintained

When you have a fire door in your building, it’s vital to have this fire safety tool inspected and maintained. In addition to most likely being required by local and state regulations, the inspection and maintenance of the fire door will ensure the safety of the people within your business and the preservation of the property. If you don’t have these essential fire safety tools inspected and maintained, they may not work as they should to provide protection in the case of a fire.

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